Lose up to 12 pounds in 21 days!
Built-in accountability plus the support, guidance, and motivation of consistent visits will help get you closer to your goals quicker.
Includes your New Patient Visit plus three Weekly Visits.
All for just $199! ($446 Value!)
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Here's an exciting new opportunity to start your weight-loss journey on a fast track!
What is the “Quickstart Bundle”?

This three-week package will help you establish a strong foundation in our Program with quick and consistent results.

After your New Patient Visit, you'll be coming for consecutive Weekly Visits to receive monitoring, support, education, and motivation, and will get a jumpstart on your weight loss and be better equipped to move forward toward your weight loss and health goals.

What’s included?
• New Patient Visit – your first visit consists of a medical intake and consultation with one of our nurses, plus an EKG and labs, followed by a Food Consult to learn about our eating plan and all the details and guidelines of the Program.
• Three Weekly Visits – one-on-one meetings with a member of our medical staff for your weigh-in and to discuss your progress and answer questions, review your food journal, and provide the personal guidance you need to get the results you're looking for.
• Appetite suppressant and B12 – dispensed at each Visit.
What’s the cost?
It's just $199 for everything in this package (which would cost $446 if purchased separately).
Click to get your Quickstart Bundle code
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