Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Medithin unique compared to other weight loss programs?

Our overall goal is to inspire, teach, and empower our patients to not only reach their goal weight, but to also have the knowledge to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. We want this to be the last weight loss program they ever do.

Our medically supervised program provides a specialized two-phase approach:

Phase 1: Weight Loss. After establishing key health markers at your New Patient Visit, each week we work with you to guide your progress toward safe and healthy weight loss.
Phase 2: Maintenance. After reaching your goal weight, we help you establish new calorie and macronutrient ranges to maintain a healthy body weight. This phase is vital to your long-term success.

The primary focus of our weight loss program is our Medithin Advantage ketogenic and low-carb eating plan that provides various ranges of calories, carbs, and fats to fit the nutritional needs of our patients. (It’s all real food – we don’t sell any pre-packaged meals or shakes.) The eating plan is combined with Vitamin B12 injections and effective appetite suppressants.

Added to all this are one-on-one Weekly Visits with supportive, experienced medical staff – no group meetings. Our staff members have all participated in the Medithin weight loss program, which makes it easier for them to relate to our patients and be able to guide them in the best manner. And there are multiple ways to access support outside of clinic hours.

What makes your program successful?

We provide a professional, caring, and compassionate environment, and we are committed to giving each individual the support and resources they need to follow the eating plan to get the weight-loss results they are seeking. See photos and read testimonials from real patients here.

Do I have to keep a food journal?

We realize that keeping a food journal can be challenging, but it is a very important tool to help you achieve success in weight loss and also for maintaining a healthy body weight. Keeping track of what you eat and drink teaches you a lot about those foods and beverages and appropriate portion sizes, which is useful not only for weight loss but also for maintenance. It also ensures that you have the information needed to keep yourself in the correct range for burning stored body fat during the weight loss phase.

We will review your food journal with you at your Weekly Visits which helps us provide guidance to enhance weight loss progress or address health concerns. There are a variety of options for keeping track – phone apps, websites, paper journals, etc. – we don’t care how you track your food, but simply encourage you to do it in whichever way is easiest for you.

Do I have to take appetite suppressants?

No, it is not required that you take appetite suppressants, but it can be a helpful tool to deal with hunger, and our all-natural options provide additional health benefits. We offer several appetite suppressant options: one FDA-approved prescription appetite suppressant, plus three all-natural options. Your appetite suppressant is included in the cost of your Weekly Visits. There is no reduction in the cost of the Weekly Visit if you forego the appetite suppressant.

Why is B12 part of your weight loss program?

The list of benefits associated with Vitamin B12 intake is a long one (it has a beneficial effect in well over a hundred conditions[1]) and includes things such as boosting mood and cognitive function, as well as weight-loss benefits where B12 is essential for the metabolism of proteins and fats and involved in the production of energy. It is essential for a healthy nervous system, DNA synthesis, and hemoglobin production. Levels of B12 in the body can be affected by gut inflammation, leaky gut, and digestive disorders, and without sufficient levels, critical biological attributes inside our body fail to perform optimally or at all.

Do I have to get B12 injections?

B12 is part of the weight-loss program and included in the Weekly Visit cost. Patients have a choice of receiving B12 Injections or Patches in the clinic and receiving B12 Patches for at-home use. There is no reduction in the cost of the Weekly Visit if you forego the B12 Injection or Patch.

Can I just get B12 injections without doing the weight-loss program?

Yes, you do not have to participate in our weight-loss program (nor do you have to be a former patient) to receive B12 Injections at Medithin – they are available to anyone after a short medical screening.

B12 Injections are available in singles, 4-packs, or 8-packs, or for the best price all the time, join The B12 Club. You can learn more here.

We also offer a B-complex injection called Skinny-B which has B12 plus other B vitamins along with weight loss boost ingredients. Skinny-B Injections are also available to both weight-loss patients and non-patients. You can purchase them in singles, packages of four or eight, or by joining the Skinny-B Club to get the best price all the time.

Injections are always administered in the clinic by trained medical staff. We also offer transdermal patches for B12 and Skinny-B which can be self-administered and make it convenient to stay consistent with your schedule even when you can’t get to the clinic.

How is this program medically monitored?

We have a physician and medical staff to monitor and review each patient’s overall health and weight loss status on a weekly basis, and to address any health concerns the patient may have, as well as make sure the patient’s health is not put at risk as a result of being on our program.

Each week patients meet one-on-one with a member of our medical staff for their Weekly Visits. Along with the weigh-in, vital signs are also taken and we discuss weight loss progress, review the food journal, answer questions, and set a goal for the next week.

Does this program involve any health risks?

Our patients are very carefully screened during their initial visit where we do a thorough medical intake to review medical history, current medical conditions, and medications. Vital signs are taken and an EKG and a comprehensive metabolic lab panel are also done. For many medical conditions, such as hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes, the health benefits achieved by weight loss far exceed any potential risk. Several of our patients have been able to stop their medications for diabetes and hypertension after losing weight on the program.

Are there any medical or other conditions that would keep someone from doing the program?

Our program is safe for most people, but due to the nature of our eating plan, it is not appropriate for:

  • Type 1 diabetics.
  • Women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.
  • Nursing mothers.
  • Those with kidney disease.
  • Vegans.
What is important to know about the eating plan?

While ketogenic and low-carb food programs restrict the consumption of some carbohydrates, they tend to be easier to stick to for one big reason — they overcome the biggest obstacle of “dieting”: hunger. With lots of healthy fats and a moderate amount of protein you’ll feel full faster and longer, plus the carbs you do eat are higher in fiber and full of nutrition to further feeling full longer.

Most people are really surprised at the broad range of foods they can have while losing weight, and these are healthy, delicious foods that your whole family can enjoy with you. You’ll be avoiding processed, sugary, and starchy foods and choosing healthy sources of protein, fats, and vegetables instead. The key to avoiding hunger and feeling satisfied is eating these foods in the right proportions, and we can help you with that.

You’ll still be able to enjoy family, social, and work events and eat out at restaurants.

Do I have to give up the foods I love for the rest of my life?

Of course not! Some foods are restricted during the weight loss phase to make sure your body stays in fat-burning mode, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t ever have them again. After you reach your goal weight, we will work with you to help you bring back foods that you want to enjoy again in a way that can be satisfying to you, but still allow you to maintain the weight loss and improved health that you worked so hard to achieve.

What about the ketogenic eating plan? Is keto healthy?

Absolutely! Keto done right is healthy, and eating low-carb is sustainable for life.

Our eating plan is built around whole, real food from the grocery store. It includes healthy sources of fat and protein as well as lots of vegetables and a small amount of fruit. Some carbohydrates are eliminated or greatly reduced during the weight loss phase to force the body to use fat for fuel instead of glucose (sugar). This allows our patients to lose weight more rapidly while also maintaining good health.

How much weight will I lose?

While everyone is different, when we look at our averages, women typically lose 4-8 pounds the first week, then 1-3 pounds per week thereafter. The average weight loss for men is 6-10 pounds the first week, then 2-4 pounds per week thereafter.

Is this program affordable?

Yes. When compared to the cost of other leading weight-loss programs[2], Medithin Weight Loss Clinics is very affordable. The monthly cost provides patients with the supplements and support they need, while following the recommended eating plan allows our patients to feel full faster and longer and therefore eat less. It also allows patients to trade off dollars from packaged, “quick fix” foods and beverages from vending machines, convenience stores, fast-food drive-throughs, and coffee shops for healthy, whole-food, cost-efficient options.

How much does this program cost?

After your New Patient Visit, we offer two ways to pay for your Weekly Visits. You can pay as you go with Weekly Visits at $59 per week or enroll in our monthly auto-withdrawal program which is $179 per month. Our monthly payment option is called Medithin My Way and it offers you some financial savings along with additional benefits and support. You can learn more about it here.

What’s included in the cost of the program?

Weekly Visits always include your appetite suppressant and your B12 Injection (or B12 Patch), along with your one-on-one consultation with our medical staff. There are no additional purchases required although we do strongly recommend that you take a multivitamin. We do offer other health and wellness and weight loss enhancement supplements, but they are completely optional.

Does insurance cover this program? What about Health Savings or Flex Spending accounts?

Some insurance plans do cover weight-loss programs, so it is worth checking with your plan provider. We do not submit any claims directly, but if your insurance plan covers our program, we can supply you with the necessary information needed for reimbursement.

Many flex spending/health savings accounts cover our program. To find out if yours does, contact your insurance/flex spending account provider.

Do I have to sign a contract?

There are no contracts at Medithin, whether you choose to pay for each visit as you go, or enroll in our monthly auto-withdrawal program (Medithin My Way)

Do I have to purchase pre-packaged food while on this program?

No, the Medithin eating plan uses real food from the grocery store. We do not sell pre-packaged meals or meal-replacement shakes.

How does someone deal with cravings or withdrawals?

Recommendations are made at the New Patient Visit on ways to minimize the initial physical side effects of reducing carbohydrates and eating a ketogenic or low-carb diet. Additionally, Weekly Visits with our patients allow us to target potential cravings with recommendations on food choices and recipes that work within our eating plan, along with discussing behavior modification ideas to recognize and address triggers that might lead to cravings.

Do I have to come every week?

No, Weekly Visits are not required for success. However, creating and maintaining a consistent schedule of accountability and utilizing all the support options available to you as a Medithin patient will go a long way in helping you realize your goals.

Weekly Visits at the clinic can be done at your convenience anytime during our clinic hours, no appointment necessary. We also offer Remote Weekly Visits and private messaging (for patients enrolled in Medithin My Way) along with support via our website, Facebook page, and private Patient Support Group on Facebook.

Why is the maintenance portion of your program so important?

Keeping yourself at a healthy body weight for the long-term can be challenging – often more difficult than losing the weight – so it’s important to learn what your body needs to maintain and thrive at your goal weight.

Once you have reached your goal weight, the maintenance phase begins by gradually decreasing appetite suppressants so you’re not relying on them to control your appetite. Calories and food choices will be gradually increased and progress monitored to find the right maintenance calorie amount and macronutrient ratio that supports a healthy weight. Without this knowledge, you risk regaining the weight, and the battle begins all over again.

Once I lose the weight, is it hard to maintain?

Patients who modify their behavior and food choices (that contributed to weight gain in the first place) and make a lifestyle change while on their journey to their goal weight, concentrating on whole, real food and finding healthier alternatives to processed foods, have the most success at keeping the weight off.

Are people generally happy with the results of this program?

The vast majority of our patients maintain their new weight as long as they follow the maintenance program. Our patients consistently refer their friends, family, and co-workers, which just goes to show how pleased they are with our program!

Do I have to exercise while on the program?

Exercise is not required while on our program, but if you currently exercise, we recommend you continue as it is strongly encouraged as part of a long-term healthy lifestyle. In addition to the overall health benefits, it will also allow you to burn more calories and help your body resist regaining weight.

Some people are not ready or able to start exercising when they begin the weight loss program. However, after losing some weight, the idea of adding more physical activity often becomes much more appealing and more physically feasible. We can provide you with guidance on exercise and activity regardless of where you are right now.

How can I get started?

Call 608-531-0400 to get any other questions you might have answered or to schedule your New Patient Visit. You can also schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to talk with us in-person and get a feel for our clinic environment. We look forward to hearing from you.



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