Real Testimonials From Real Patients

Our patients are experiencing great results – they’re losing weight and increasing their energy levels and confidence in the process.

Here’s what they’re saying about the Medithin Weight Loss Clinics program:

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"Medithin gives you fast results. When you are overweight you want the pounds gone now. Other plans I tried worked but so slowly that over time it was easy to give up. On this plan there were
results every week.

I feel good overall – I have more energy and less aches and pains. I love trying on and buying clothes now. I feel more confident." *
– Leann H. from Janesville

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* Results are not guaranteed. Results may vary from patient to patient. The weight loss results described herein may or may not be typical. Results will vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, family history, physical condition, and adherence to the Medithin program. Medithin Weight Loss Clinics makes no claims that the weight loss results stated or featured are representative of all patients, and that while a small percentage of users might experience dramatic weight loss in a short period of time, weight loss can't be guaranteed for all.

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"Losing weight gave me back my life. Before, I was depressed, I didn’t want to go anywhere because I didn’t feel good in any clothes. I have more energy to play with and keep up with my kids." *
   – Sara B. from Janesville
"No other weight loss clinic has helped me as much as Medithin. They really care about their patients and monitor their progress. I feel better about my self and I have more confidence." *
   – Chris R. from Beloit

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"I have so much more energy! I am so happy about my appearance and I have a better attitude about reaching my goal and staying there. The people at Medithin were always encouraging and happy for you when things went well, and supportive if they didn’t. Great program. Great people." *
   – Juanita W. from Janesville
"I have tried a lot of programs and my next step was gastric bypass surgery. I am so glad I chose Medithin – they help me achieve my weight loss while still eating real food, and without costly, risky surgery. Now I am trying new things I would never have done before – like tubing down a river!" *
   – Yvette B. from Janesville

"My self confidence has skyrocketed! Now I love going and trying on clothes, plus it's such a boost to hear my friends and family comment on how great I look!

Medithin is one of the best decisions of my life! The staff is always encouraging me and with the support and tools they provide, success to reach my goal weight is finally not a dream but a reality!" *
   – Stephanie P. from Janesville

"I love the Medithin program. I have more energy than I have ever had. I feel good every day and just three days into the program I have noticed a difference on how clothes fit." *
   – Carla K. from Edgerton

"I'm losing weight every week and I'm not feeling hungry! I have more energy and I feel more willing to do more things now." *
   – Sheila M. from Fort Atkinson

"I am 500% more active and I spend a fraction of what I used to spend each week on food. My attitude about what I put in my body is totally different.

I feel like I'm gaining a life and losing shackles. Now I'm able to play with my grandkids outside instead of in my recliner and they love it! Every aspect of my life has been impacted – I used to observe life, now I am in it with both feet!" *
   – Pat D. from Janesville

Janesville Diet Plans Janesville weight loss centers"It is easier to stick with a weight loss program when you see results fast. I feel better about myself mentally and physically and it feels good to have people say 'Wow! You lost weight!'" *
   – Heather C. from Brodhead

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"I "I just love this program, it's easy to understand and follow, and it works! The weekly visits are my favorite part because you have a one-on-one meeting. The Medithin staff makes the difference – they are supportive and they motivate you and make you feel good." *
– Gerald S. from Janesville

"Losing weight is a commitment I made to myself and I kept it. My kids are so proud of me – that’s the best feeling. I feel better, sleep better, and I have more energy. Seeing the changes in my overall appearance has done wonders for my self-esteem. I’m proud of how I look and when someone notices, it feels great!

Medithin is a plan that was easy to follow and It reinforces a healthy lifestyle that is easy to incorporate into any busy schedule. It’s a plan I can live by moving forward. The staff kept me motivated and reassured. When I would hit a plateau, they worked with me to break it. Excellent support." *
– Nancy B. from Beloit

"This is the greatest feeling of success that I have ever had on a program. I’ve learned how to eat correctly and proportionately and I don’t have cravings for sweets anymore.

My extra weight slowed me down in enjoying life. If I was shopping I had to sit down and rest quite often. But I can see the changes and I’m able to enjoy walking a lot more because I don’t feel exhausted." *
– Dora B. from Janesville


"My experience so far has been wonderful. The weight has come off quickly and people are starting to notice that I’m looking thinner. My joints don’t hurt, my back feels a lot better, and I feel I have my energy back." *
– Steven M. from Beloit


"I feel so much better without all the extra weight I was carrying around. I’m definitely happier with my overall health and appearance – compliments abound and I can fit into my “skinny” clothes again!


It’s so easy! Immediate results! Medithin gives you all the tools to succeed and the staff is so caring, professional and supportive, and they really want you to succeed.

Medithin helped me overcome my sweet tooth. I’ve learned how to eat in moderation and I’m making smarter and healthier choices in the food that goes in me. Thank you!" *
– Julia V. from Juda