We know that life is unpredictable and you’re faced with a lot of demands on your time that can make it difficult to take care of your health. Our monthly prepaid program can make that easier.
When you enroll in Medithin My Way you give yourself the ability to stay on track with appetite suppressant and your eating plan without interruption – and that means you could achieve your weight loss goals sooner!
Each month we will ship your appetite suppressant and B12 (one-month supply), plus Weekly Visits are included at no extra cost and there is a dedicated website where you can track your progress, log your food, and communicate privately with us -- all for just $179 a month.
How can Medithin My Way help me?
Convenience We encourage you to come to the Clinic for your Weekly Visits (Weekly Visits are included in the cost), but when life gets busy and you are unable to make it in, you will not run out of appetite suppressant.
Consistency You will be able to stay on track with the program, even when you cannot make it to the Clinic for your Weekly Visit because you will always have appetite suppressant to support your efforts.
Cost Savings Lower monthly price than current weekly clinic visits, free shipping of appetite suppressant and B12 Patch Combos, plus a 10% discount on supplements – even when they’re on sale! (Vitamin Patches and Injections not included.)
Online Support The private Medithin My Way Website gives you extra support and access to powerful weight loss tools all in one convenient location.
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